Camilla is an experienced online communicator, who is passionate about developing solid communication and SEO strategies. With a background in intercultural marketing and strategic communication, Camilla is enthusiastic about bringing meaningful and engaging experiences to international audiences. She is curious, creative, and driven, and always on the lookout for new challenges and ways to improve.

As the Co-Founder of the Danish online tutoring platform Findunderviser.dk, Camilla co-developed the company’s business plan, including its marketing & communications strategy. She executed the strategy using SEM and Facebook campaigns, and designed the company’s visual identity as well as online and print content.

Camilla has previously worked 7 years in the tourism industry, where she has undertaken several tasks involving communication in English, Danish, Spanish and Portuguese at a high level.

Currently Camilla works as the Blog Editor and Content Marketing Strategist of SimpleSite, a fast-growing international SaaS company providing an easy and user-friendly website builder and hosting for millions of new customers around the world each year. Besides her job at SimpleSite Camilla is undertaking her postgraduate studies in Strategic Communication at the University of Western Australia.