LIFE Coaching for Freelancers and Solopreneurs:

When you thrive, your business thrives

Let's create a business that supports the life you actually want to live

Taking the leap, going ALL IN on myself, and building my ‘one woman business’ was the best decision I ever made

  • The freedom
  • The adventure
  • The fulfilment
  • The people
  • The places

I was going full speed towards having it all:

Laptop lifestyle. Living by the Mediterranean sea. Creating a multi-cultural family.

Until one day; a mental breakdown nearly tore my whole dream apart

My brain completely shut down.

I lost ALL my energy, my passion, my desire.

I almost couldn’t get out of bed, let alone serve my clients.

And then I realised I’d forgotten the most critical part of running a solo business:

  • Myself.

As a freelancer or solopreneur, 
you ARE your business!

If there's no you, there’s nothing to sell. And if there’s nothing to sell, there's no business. It's that simple.

So when my life turned upside down, the keys to my business turned as well.

In a desperate attempt to save my mental health, and my business, I hired a Life Coach.

(This was a scary investment to make at the time. My income had just dropped significantly. But the truth is; I just couldn’t see how I could afford NOT to take care of myself.)

Little did I know, this coaching experience was about to COMPLETELY change my life. For the better.

Not only did I manage to bring my brain AND business back on track

I also learned how to:

  • Purposely gain back my passion (even though I thought I’d lost it)
  • Manage my time and my energy in a way that works for ME
  • Reconnect with my own desires and make business fun again
  • Create more money (my first 6-figure year) even though I reduced the hours I worked
  • Set loving boundaries that helped me attract even dreamier clients – AND the love of my life
  • Cultivate an unstoppable self-confidence (Goodbye self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and perfectionism! I don’t miss you!)
  • Have my own back, no matter WHAT happens to me (This is the ultimate freedom)
  • Go out and create a life that was even better than I ever imagined when I set out to become self-employed


Coaching taught me how to life-proof my business and build an even GREATER life than I ever dared to dream of

Now I am here to help you do the same

Certified through The Life Coach School

As a solopreneur, if you’re not thriving, your business is not thriving. That’s why it’s so important to not just take care of “the business side of things”, but your personal life as a whole.

That means you can bring ANYTHING to our sessions:

Doubt, grief, lack of confidence, burnout, challenging clients, unsupportive family members, lost passion, fear of putting yourself out there, difficulty selling, business decisions, time management, anxiety, money worries, etc.

If there’s something in your life that’s taking up space in your precious mind, let’s take a look at it and transform it into something that supports you rather than drains you.

Erika got rid of the heavy weight on her shoulders and started creating the business and life she wanted

"I started my self-development journey a year ago but no one has shown me and made me realize what Camilla did.

After the very first session, I felt like someone had lifted a ton of bricks I carried on my shoulders. Those were all the limiting beliefs I had created in my mind. 

My words cannot describe Camilla’s coaching’s impact on my life:

I’ve never had as amazing clients, projects, and revenue in my business as I have now. I’ve just had three consecutively successful months in my business, I continue with my education and keep getting closer to my dream life – and I’m not exaggerating one bit here.

There are plenty of Camilla’s sentences I remind myself of every  single day or before any important event."

Erika Blaze
Web Designer & Email Marketer

Kaleena got the tools she needed to see through the fog and make better decisions for her future

Kaleena Stroud
Brand Voice Strategist

"I signed up with Camilla because I was struggling in my business, and often in life too. Many times the two get intertwined as an entrepreneur.

Camilla was someone I looked up to in the business world so I was hoping for some direction and tools for optimizing how I emotionally handle such things.

I can now look at things from a more objective viewpoint so that my own ego and emotions do not get so caught up in it. This helps me see through the fog and make a more rational, actionable decision on how to move forward.

If you're an entrepreneur who struggles with setting boundaries and holding compassion for all you do to make your business run, I'd recommend coaching with Camilla.

Small changes can have a big impact on our internal world – the one in which we get caught up so often."

Naomi found a safe space to process her grief and now feels more confident about the future of her business and career

"I was a bit worried that some of the things I wanted to cover – such as talking about my mum's death – would make me really upset and trigger me to spiral into a long 'down period'.

But in the end, that session was led by Camilla in a calm and controlled way. Her reframes of specific memories, thoughts and feelings I had around my mum's death were like lightbulbs going off in my head. 

My mum's death was a terribly dark and traumatic place in my head. Camilla's coaching around this turned on a light and made me feel safe to walk around and examine my thoughts around this life-changing event in a way that felt more reassuring and compassionate towards myself, and less painful.

Being offered new ways of thinking about these things during the coaching program has given me a kind of circuit-breaker in my brain when I find myself spiralling in a painful, negative way.

In terms of business and career, I feel more willing to give myself the time I need to feel what I need to feel, and work out where I'm headed. And I feel more confident that things will work out in their own time."

Naomi Dalton

"Okay, but what's the investment?"

The short (and annoying) answer is: It depends.

Your situation is unique, and thus the support you'll need will differ from what another person needs. At the end of our discovery call, if I think you'd benefit from coaching with me, I'll offer you a tailored program specifically adapted to YOU.

With that being said, I do want to leave you with an idea before you book the call: The investment starts at €600 per month coached, and the time commitment required is at least 2-4 months. This includes priority access to my DMs for the entire duration of the program, so you're fully supported between our sessions.

Coaching is a gift you give yourself to enjoy for the rest of your life

If you feel called to do this work, apply for a discovery call and let's explore whether my 1:1 container is the right fit for you.

Even if we find out it's not a good fit, I won't let you go empty-handed:

I'll make sure to point you in the direction of someone (or something) that can help you.

Tilmeld dig minikurset, kom med i min gruppe og start din rejse i dag.

Ready to build a business that's truly free – both financially and mentally?

  • Let go of over-working, over-thinking and over-pleasing 
  • Learn how to manage a fully booked business – without risking burnout
  • Reconnect with your true passions and desires, and create a business that supports the life you actually want to live