Sales copywriting

Conversion copy that sells

Copy for your website

SEO copy that ranks in the search engines and convert visitors into hot leads

Sales copy & landing pages

Persuading landing pages and sales copy that compel action – Good for you and your bank account 

Email marketing

Juicy click-worthy emails that make your readers wait desperately for you in their inbox every week

Content marketing

Great content that compels action

LinkedIn & SoMe posts

Ready to get noticed? I’ll cook up some catchy SoMe posts that’ll leave your readers drooling and hitting ‘like’ on repeat


Easy-to-read blog posts that position you as the expert by informing and inspiring prospect customers

Case studies

What’s the best sales technique in the history of man? Storytelling! And even better if the story is about former customers of yours. I’ll write the kinda case studies that give your ideal customer goosebumps.


Save yourself hours of frustration and let me help you find the direct way to your customers' hearts (and wallets)

Find your emotional customer type®

Did you know that your customers always buy based on what they’re feeling? I’m certified in the emotional customer type® methodology and can help you identify the emotional response system of your customers

Coaching and strategy

Missing someone to talk to about your biz? I got ya’ back. I’ll help you get your communications strategy right so you can reach your goals quicker and more efficiently

Copy optimisation and proofreading

Need to make your copy extra crispy and ripe? I’ll give you actionable tips to make it HOT AF (especially for your ideal clients!)

Rockstar clients I’ve helped


Camilla was a pleasure to work with; she was generous with her time and provided a fantastic service. She is very knowledgeable and, importantly, she is able to teach, advise and provide feedback in a structured, personal and actionable way.

Our previous ‘introduction’ message had an open rate of 29%, with that rate trailing down to around ~10% in subsequent messages.

Now the introduction has a 56% open rate, ‘7 day’ is at 41% and ’14 day’ is at 42%. So the users are definitely staying more engaged with our communication!

Allies Curator, Yepti

The single most important thing is that I can trust Camilla solve a task well. She is the kind of person I would hire full time to run important parts of my business.

Some people just do work without thinking first, but not Camilla. She thinks before she solves a task very well.

Very professional in her communicating with other people on the team. She makes my company look good.

Founding CEO, Skogluft

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