What is a Virtual Assistant? And do I Need One?

A Virtual Assistant is an independent contractor who provides support services to individuals or businesses over the Internet.  

Virtual assistants are especially sought after by businesses who need help but who do not want to set up a permanent, physical office space. That’s right; it’s an assistant, only virtual.

You’ve got your business running smoothly but, recently it seems there’s no time to do the important stuff like answering emails, scheduling meetings, or even getting around marketing yourself to keep your business growing. Maybe you just want more time on your hands to get those creative juices flowing.

Here’s where a virtual assistant comes in handy.

Why exactly should you hire a virtual assistant?

Get time back

Do you find yourself wishing there were more hours in a day? Or you just want time to take a breather without a mountain of work hanging over your head. Or time to dedicate to other pursuits.

Running a business is no small feat. An immense amount of time, energy, and resources are needed to run a business. With so many tasks to be performed, it’s very likely that some of the tasks are skipped, deliberately or not. Let a virtual assistant deal with the less important but still necessary tasks to leave you free to focus on the crucial ones and give you more time to yourself.

Cut costs

Budgets and financial plans are necessary concerns of every business. Virtual assistants are usually cheaper to operate than permanent employees, especially for start-ups or individuals.

This is due, among other things, to more productive hours of work and fewer invisible expenses (office rent, equipment, holiday pay, sick days, etc.)  Many virtual assistants are also resident abroad and can therefore offer competitive prices!

There are virtual assistants in all price ranges. Danish virtual assistants typically cost between $40 and $225 USD per effective hour depending on their experience, expertise, and where they live.

Minimal risk

Virtual assistants work on a freelance basis. This means that you only pay for efficient hours and do not commit to more expenses than you can afford.

The price you see is the price you pay.

As virtual assistants cover their own cost of hiring, there’s no loss if things don’t work out.

Expertise and assistance

Planning budgets is not your strong suit? Or you just suck at organizational tasks. Maybe you haven’t been able to grow your social media presence. Virtual assistants have expertise in various skills. This is beneficial especially to small business owners who may not be proficient in every area of business.

In building a business or brand, research is important. Whether it’s identifying your target market or keeping track of business trends. With every other thing you have going on, who has time for research? Your virtual assistant does.

Multitasking doesn’t let you spare enough focus to actually be productive. Increase productivity by delegating to your virtual assistant.


Whether it is 4 hours or 14 hours a week, the flexible VA scheme allows you to optimize your expenses from month to month. You can step up and down hours as needed. You pay hourly, and only for hours your assistant is working.

You might be concerned about the confidentiality of your data or the quality of work from virtual assistants. Checks are easily put in place to ensure your privacy. And if you’re not satisfied with work from your virtual assistant, changing them has a less hassle than firing a physical employee.

Do you want me to be your virtual assistant?

Do you need a Danish Virtual Assistant to help you with strategic communication, online branding, and marketing? Then you’ve found the right person.

I know time is money and as an online freelancer with three years of experience, I’m delighted to say I had 100% customer satisfaction at UpWork. I have a degree from Copenhagen Business School and The University of Western Australia.

I am detail-oriented and have a flair for words and everything digital.

My services are 100% online and I work by connecting with and understanding the needs of you and your business (and especially your customers!).

I provide virtual assistance in English and Danish for branding, communication and marketing purposes.

Improve your visibility to search engines and give your clients more engaging content with search engine optimization, blog and email copywriting, social media branding and online campaigns on Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn.

These are just some of the services I provide:

  • PR and copywriting in Danish and English
  • Branding
  • Email and social media marketing
  • Virtual team management
  • Professional texts and translations in Danish and English
  • Website setup, optimization and maintenance
  • Search engine optimization (analysis, on-page, off-page, technical SEO, text optimization, etc.)
  • Ad-hoc administrative tasks

See my prices for on-going assistance here.

Let me help you get your time back and keep the chaos at bay.

Contact me here and let’s have a non-committal talk about your needs.

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