How to tell if your ‘about page’ stinks

By Camilla Grøn | Updated: April 5, 2022

Does your about page stink?

Find out in just 3 seconds by doing the YES/NO test:

If your about page

A) is only about your mission and vision


B) is only about … YOU

… then it stinks.

Pardon my language. Just being straight up honest witcha!

The good news is: You’re not alone. Most about pages actually stink a bit. Mine also used to stink.

The bad news: You’re missing out on a hell lot of money.
The about page is the most overlooked sales page. Despite the fact that it is THE page that – when properly optimised – sells the most. 🙂

Such a pity.

So tell me. Is it time to update that about page of your?

Here’s a PRO tip:

In reality, the about page is not about you at all. But about your customer.

It’s your story, yes – but only that exact part of it, which is relevant to your customer … the part that enables them to see themselves in you or in your solution/product.

As for the rest of your story… pack away and keep to yourself (or your next campfire)

Here is my about page.

(It is written for rebellious entrepreneurs with high ambitions and big hearts … so you should probably get too inspired if your target group is the exact opposite)

Do you dare to share your about page? 😬

Leave it in the comments.

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