Copywriting your customers will love

You want to get your message out to the world and make more sales. Let me help you do just that!

I write with an authentic and credible voice that your customers can relate to. By getting inside their minds, I connect with them on a deep, emotional level that will drive them to take action!


Writing is not just writing. Almost anyone can write – but it can be challenging to write in a way that encourages people to take action.

If you need a great copywriter who can move your audience – then you’ve come to the right place. My copywriting is not pushy, nor salesy. And yet it sells more than the usual sales copy.

Why? – Because my voice is authentic, and I relate to the readers’ inner wishes and needs.


I will write great copy for you – or I can help you write your own winning copy that converts! 

I work 100% online. I use Word and Google docs, and you can always get a hang of me on Skype or e-mail. I am ready for a chat whenever it suits you. So get your coffee ready for a virtual meeting!

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I offer

Copywriting that actually sells (without being salesy!)

SEO copy that ranks in the search engines and converts visitors into customers

Emails that get opened and make readers click

Blog posts that position you as the expert by informing and inspiring

Scripts for explainer videos that explain the value of your services and propel action

Assistance with strategic communication so you can reach your goals – faster and more efficiently!

Great copywriting cannot save
a faulty product .

Unfortunately, I cannot promise my copywriting will save each person on this Earth (although I would really love to!)

I do not believe in false advertisements or in pushing customers into buying something they actually don’t want. If your product is so faulty that you need to trick people into buying from you, neither can I, or will I, help you. Don’t get me wrong.

I’d love to help you get more sales. But my job is not just about sales. It’s about connecting the right people with the right product! That way no one wastes their precious time.

I only work with rockstar clients. Is that you?

Do the checklist test below:

You are ambitious and take your marketing seriously.

You wish to create a real and deep relationship with your customers.

You live and breath to give your customers the best experience. Ever.

If you’re screaming YES-YES-YES at the screen right now, then we should definately work together!

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The copywriter behind the screen

Hi, my name is Camilla! I’m a copywriter, content marketer, wordsmith, linguist, strategic communicator… etc.

I go by many names but simply put: I make a living of writing (or consulting on) compelling copy that will turn your readers into paying customers (or subscribers, or dancing woo girls screaming your business name!). My mother tongue is Danish, but I graduated with distinction from the University of Western Australia with a Master’s in Strategic Communication, so I’d say I’m pretty fluent in English. Anyway, I’ll let you be the judge of that. 

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