Let's make selling 
fun and easy

Take potential clients from "Who are you?" to "Here's my credit card!" with an automated sales funnel that does the hard work for you.

It’s been my biggest and most relaxed launch

Camilla has been quick to feel into my voice. It’s my words and my message, but Camilla puts the copy together. It works incredibly well and saves me a lot of time.

I have now freed up time to step into my zone of genius and work ON my business, not just IN it. I made DKK 720,000 + VAT in sales during my latest launch. It’s been my biggest and most relaxed launch ever.

Mia Poulsen

Business & Transformation Mentor

My group program made over 350,000 DKK in sales

Camilla was invaluable during the email launch for my group program that made over 350,000 DKK in sales.

It’s amazing how little she needs from me to get started. She structured the campaign and provided the email copy, ready for me to send off.

I’m always surprised by how much and how fast she delivers, and her sharp advice is worth its weight in gold.

Simone Hyldahl

Career Mentor

Let me guess ...

You want to get your message out into the world, catch the attention of your ideal clients, and convert them into paying customers with authentic copy that makes you stand out.

But sales writing (and the psychology behind it) is just not the strongest card in your deck. Or maybe you’ve just reached a point where you just don’t have time for it anymore.

You are looking for a copywriter who knows how to sell.

That copywriter is me.


Copywriting is not just writing. Almost anyone can write – but it can be challenging to write in a way that actually makes people take action.

Copywriting is a craft that uses sales psychology, consumer behaviour and market research to create that money-making message that’ll allow you to make a bigger impact in the world. The kind of impact that changes lives and makes this planet a better place to be.

My copywriting is not pushy, nor salesy. And yet it sells more than the usual sales copy. Why? – Because I write in an authentic way that relates to your ideal clients’ inner desires and needs. It’s almost like magic – except it’s science. 


First, I need to find out who you are and what makes you unique. (This is the secret sauce to your money-making message – and an eye-opener for many of my clients!)

Then I need to understand your ideal clients: Who are they? And what do they need to hear? (This is what’ll make them listen to you – because they feel like you really get them)

After that, we’ll dive into the strategy bit: What do you want your copy to do for you? What’s your goal? (This is our roadmap for writing copy that gets the YES!’es)

And when ALL of that is sorted out, I’ll start writing. And you can lean back, do your genius and watch the money flow into your bank account. 😉


  • Copywriting that actually sells (without being salesy!)
  • Binge-worthy emails that’ll make your subscribers wait for your name to appear in their inboxes
  • Sales pages that’ll give your ideal customer butterflies in their tummy as they reach for their credit card
  • Persuasive website copy that ranks in the search engines and converts visitors into customers
  • Social media posts that turn lurkers into followers, followers into fans, and fans into loyal customers!
  • Strategy consulting and conversion optimisation so you can reach your goals – faster and more efficiently!

Great copy cannot save a faulty product

Unfortunately, I cannot promise that my copywriting will save your business (although I’d really love to!)

I do not believe in false advertisement or in pushing people into buying something they actually don’t want.

If your product is so faulty that you need to trick people into buying from you, I’m afraid I can’t help you.

Don’t get me wrong. I’d love to help you get more sales. But my job is not just about sales. It’s about connecting the right people with the right product! That way no one wastes their precious time.

I only work with rockstar clients. Is that you?

Do the checklist test below:

  • You are passionate about what you do and NOT afraid to be bold and stand out from the crowd.
  • You wish to create a real and deep relationship with your ideal clients.
  • You live and breathe to give your clients the best experience. Ever.

If you’re screaming YES-YES-YES at the screen right now, then we should definitely work together!

Rockstar clients I’ve worked with

... and what they have to say

The launch had a conversion rate of 32.23%!

Anita Dalsgaard

Strategic Digital Advisor & Course Creator

I’ve gained a lot of new followers thanks to her

Mathias Bruhn

Public speaker & consultant

The open rate for our welcome email increased by 320%

Michael Yule

Allies Curator at Yepti

No bullshit approach. Her only goal is to improve your business!

Josephine Piplits

Entrepreneur in the travel industry

So tell me … Why are you really here?

Because you want more customers?

More time?

More magic and flow in your life and business?

Tell me all about you, your mission and your badass plan to change the world. 👇

The human behind the screen

Hi there! If we haven’t met before, my name is Camilla.

I’m a sales copywriter and funnel strategist, which means: I’m the one you go to when you want to make more money. (On autopilot, please!)

I write copy that’s so compelling it will turn lurkers into paying customers (or subscribers, or dancing woo girls screaming your name!). 

Curious about how I make this happen? Learn more about me and my process by clicking on the button below: