Hourly prices

When you hire me, you only pay for effective hours. You don’t need to think about employment conditions, pay during sick leave, work insurance, parental leave, pension, office space, getting an extra computer, and so on. 

What you see is what you get. Everything is included in the price, so it’s easier for you to manage your costs.

Freelance hours

US$120/ HR
  • Flexible agreement
  • On demand
  • No binding

On-going 5

US$90/ HR
  • GET 25% OFF!!!
  • 5 hours per week
  • One month's notice

On-going 10

US$78/ HR
  • GET 35% OFF!!!
  • 10 hours per week
  • One month's notice

Fixed prices

Indicative prices (non-binding):

Email marketing



– Welcome emails, autoresponders, email marketing, etc.

From 300 per mail

Squeeze page

– A short landing page offering readers a freebie when signing up for your newsletter.

From 345 per page

Review of your current emails (to increase conversion)

– A review of your current e-mails and specific advice to achieve better conversion rates. Includes extra proofreading of your emails after you’ve implemented my suggestions.

225 per mail

Strategy session

– Strategy session via Skype (about 1.5 hours) to help you write emails that convert.



Content for websites


Website content

– For static or stand alone pages on your site, like your About, Services, or Welcome pages

390 per page

Blog posts, LinkedIn artcle and ghostblogging

– Position yourself as an expert in your field by blogging in a captivating, informative and inspiring way. (while improving SEO!). Approx. 1000 words per article.

540 per article

SEO texts 

– Be found on Google with texts that are optimised for the search engines! From 600 to 3000 words.

300–1300 per text


Sales copywriting


Sales page 

– A persuasive long-form sales letter where we showcase your product’s benefits and convert prospects into sales. Sales pages are especially effective in selling online courses or other types of knowledge sharing or coaching. 

2,500 per page

Landing page

– Convincing landing page that converts. For visitors coming from Google Ads, email advertising or other advertising media.

From 525 per page

Ad copy

– For Facebook, Instagram or display marketing.

From 300 per ad

Review of sales copy (improve conversion rates)

– Review of your sales copy and specific advice on how to optimize conversion. Includes a revision of the sales copy after you’ve implemented my suggestions.

270 per piece

Strategy session

– 1.5 hour strategy session to help you write your own awesome sales copy that converts. 



PR and press releases


Press release

– For newspapers and other news media.

From 690 per article


– For other media

From 540 per article


Speak and video


Script for video or speak

– Explainer videos, advertising videos or speak that convert in 30 sek. to max. 5 min.

175–875 per script

Danish voiceover

– When text is not enough: Let your customers hear you! A young and fresh female voice for ads, explainers and animation.

From 120

Complete animation/explainer video

– I work with an animation artist and together we create a complete and compelling video that explains the value of your service to your customers. 

From 1,000


Strategy and coaching

I offer strategy and coaching sessions, where I guide and teach you how you can sell your products and services in a way that makes sense to your customers. This means higher conversion rates, more followers and ultimately more sales.