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If I could clone Camilla it would be perfect! I certainly can’t live without her.

She knows how to write so it speaks to humans – not specialists as I would have written it.

Her results have exceeded my expectations on so many levels and it has been a pleasure to work with her.

I can only recommend Camilla, so hurry up if she has the opportunity to take you on as a customer!

QA consultant & conscious breathing instructor

The single most important thing is that I can trust Camilla solve a task well. She is the kind of person I would hire full time to run important parts of my business.

Some people just do work without thinking first, but not Camilla. She thinks before she solves a task very well.

Very professional in her communicating with other people on the team. She makes my company look good.

Founding CEO, Skogluft

I contacted Camilla, because I needed a landing page but was finding it hard to get my idea down to a few words that could explain and capture what I meant simply and precisely, while also engaging the reader.

We had good chemistry from the start. Camilla was quick to familiarize herself with the new service. She was not afraid to contradict me, which is important. She’s good at taking feedback on board, and knows that it is the ball, not the man, that’s being discussed.

Camilla has high expectations from her customers, so you should be prepared to be challenged. If you’re ready for that, then in return you’ll get work of an extremely high quality and a professional partner whose only goal is to improve your business.

Entrepreneur in the travel industry

Before we began the collaboration, I’d been finding it hard to manage everything, especially tasks that I knew would generate good business in the long-term: LinkedIn updates, my website, articles and other types of content sharing.

Since I hired Camilla, I’ve gained 3 new customers, which is great going for my industry in such a short space of time. I’ve also gained a lot of new followers thanks to her work with content sharing, and I have definitely expanded my network, for the same reason.

If you’re considering a collaboration with Camilla, all I can say is: do it! She’s a tremendous writer, and she has given me freedom and my business growth. I really do appreciate it.

Public speaker & consultant

I got in contact with Camilla because I needed clear dialogue-promoting sales copy for my website. She had great recommendations, and after our first Skype meeting, I knew that she was both professional and skilled.

Camilla asked important and relevant questions about the task at hand. She quickly managed to understand both my business and my target audience through clarifying questions. Camilla set high requirements for me as a customer, which led to great results. Together we compiled a laser-targeted message.

I would highly recommend others to book Camilla if they are looking for a competent sales copywriter. She is professional, delivers quality on time, and provides extra service by giving tips and sharing links to help clarify any challenges or doubts you mention to her.

Marketing consultant, Schiang Consult

Camilla was a pleasure to work with; she was generous with her time and provided a fantastic service. She is very knowledgeable and, importantly, she is able to teach, advise and provide feedback in a structured, personal and actionable way.

Our previous ‘introduction’ message had an open rate of 29%, with that rate trailing down to around ~10% in subsequent messages.

Now the introduction has a 56% open rate, ‘7 day’ is at 41% and ’14 day’ is at 42%. So the users are definitely staying more engaged with our communication!

Allies Curator at Yepti

Camilla understands our business extremely well. She is helpful and always coming up with solutions and suggestions for expanding the business. Furthermore, she is fluent in more than four languages and possesses an international mindset, which is beneficial to SimpleSite as a global company.

In the time Camilla has worked as our Blog Editor & Content Marketer we have seen the SimpleSite blog growing fast, both in terms of #sales from organic traffic, but also in horizontal expansion to new markets worldwide. Camilla earns my highest recommendation.

CMO at Simplesite

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