I write copy that makes your dream clients go from "Ehm... Who are you?" to "Where have you been all my life? Here's my credit card!!!"

My mission is to make the online world a better place. One. word. at. a. time.

You see, I believe that the internet needs better sales copy. I’m talking about the kind of copy that really grabs the reader – and doesn’t just treat them like a random customer in the supermarket line. Copy that arouses strong emotions and compels action. Making your ideal customers want to read more, click more, buy more.

I’m tired of reading soul-lacking copy that could’ve been written by a computer, and all the over-hyped sleazy sales copy you find around the WWW. There’s too much of that. And chances are that your customers are sick of it too.

So let me be totally honest with you before I take up any more of your valuable time:

I’m not going to write your copy just because you need some words to fill up the blank space on your website. If you’re looking for some dull-as-ditchwater SEO filler content, you’ve come to the wrong place.

So what do you get with me?

Well, let me explain. You get quality copy.

You know, the kind that…

  • Makes you stand out from the crowd
  • Sets your customers’ hearts on fire
  • Brings money into your bank account
  • Creates deep and loyal relationships, and
  • Gives you fans that spread positive word of mouth

I write for you because you want to give your ideal customers butterflies in their tummies and itchy fingers as they reach for their credit cards.

Sound too good to be true?

Perhaps you’ve worked with a less professional copywriter before: the kind who sprinkles their copy with fancy words and writes an (almost) grammatically correct text, but is basically guessing their way to what you and your customers want.

That’s not how I work.

Because guessing doesn’t bring great results (even if it is covered up with quirky or fancy words). Research and knowing does.

How I work

Great copy is based on great research (combined with a thorough understanding of how our brains work!). So when I write for you, expect me to ask you a ton of questions. Don’t worry, though; if you don’t know the answer right away, we’ll figure it out together.

The copy magic starts by first unearthing some facts about you and your ideal customers. I need to understand who you are, what you do, who you do it for, what they need and what their dreams are.

Only after that can we begin to find out what your message is and how we should communicate it. (In a way that makes your ideal customers super excited about finally having found YOU!) 

Sound good?

Here's a few things about me

(because nobody wants to work with a complete stranger)

Fun facts

I’m an expat Dane, currently living in sunny Barcelona with memories from Colombia, Australia and Argentina in my backpack. When I’m not typing like a madwoman on my keyboard, you’ll find me dancing salsa in the strangest places. I’m a hedonist. A philosophical introvert. Nutella lover. Crazy cat lady. Cancer. INFJ. Generator. Red-yellow customer type. And the happy owner of 5 decks of spiritual cards.

Would you like more fun facts? Then look me up on Instagram.

Boring facts

Master of Strategic Communication (with distinction) from the University of Western Australia; Conversion Copywriter by Copyhackers; Certified Content Marketer by Copyblogger; Certified in Emotional Customer Types by the Institute for Customer Types; Certified Life Coach by the very best Life Coach school in the world: LCS. (Okay, this was maybe a bit biased ... but seriously: It is the best!).  Top-rated by my lovely clients on Upwork.

Looking for my CV or other ‘boring facts’? Find more on LinkedIn.

Look, mama! I've passed:

Certified by these legends ...

The awkward part where I write about myself in 3rd person

Camilla's (semi) professional bio

Camilla Groen helps badass soulpreneurs write the words that make the sale.

She uses her magical communication superpowers to build irresistible brands that turn frivolous lurkers into obsessive fans and loyal buyers  … And she shows you how you can do it too.

When Camilla isn’t writing her fingertips off on the lappy, you’ll find her on the dancefloor rocking Spotify’s Colombia Top 50 at full volume or enjoying exotic destinations in the southern part of the world (just like her Viking ancestors did).

Pass the mic to my rockstar clients 🎤

My group program made over 350,000 DKK in sales

Camilla was invaluable during the email launch for my group program that made over 350,000 DKK in sales.

She structured the campaign and provided the email copy, ready for me to send off.

I’m always surprised by how much and how fast she delivers, and her sharp advice is worth its weight in gold.

Simone Hyldahl

Career Mentor

The launch had a conversion rate of 32.23%!

Camilla nailed it on the first go. The launch of my membership had a conversion rate of 32.23%!

I work with a lot of freelancers, and I know it can take some time to gel with each other. But we hit it off straight away!

Camilla instantly took a burden off my shoulders. She completely understood my tone and ambition, and it’s impressive how close her writing style is to my own voice!

Anita Dalsgaard

Strategic Digital Advisor

But enough about me. What about YOU?

Do you dream of copy that thrills, seduces and converts?

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