How to tell if your ‘about page’ stinks

Does your about page stink? Find out in just 3 seconds by doing the YES/NO test: If your about page A) is only about your mission and vision or B) is only about … YOU … then it stinks. Pardon my language. Just being straight up honest witcha! The good news is: You’re not alone....
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Piss people off (and watch your sales explode!)

Okay, my headline might sound a little controversial. “It makes no sense,” I hear you say, “Why would I want to piss people off? And how could I possibly expect them to buy from me after doing THAT?” You’re right. Of course, you’re right. The thing is, that’s the exact reason why you should piss...
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What is a Virtual Assistant? And do I Need One?

A Virtual Assistant is an independent contractor who provides support services to individuals or businesses over the Internet.   Virtual assistants are especially sought after by businesses who need help but who do not want to set up a permanent, physical office space. That’s right; it’s an assistant, only virtual. You’ve got your business running smoothly...
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