Professional Copywriter (and content marketer)

Great content that compels. Conversion copy that sells.

Hi, I’m Camilla! 🙂

I’m a freelance copywriter and content marketer.

I dedicate most of my time to writing awesome conversion copy for rock-star clients and creating engaging content for their audiences (like blog posts, SEO blogs, newsletters, SoMe posts etc.) but sometimes you’ll also find me recording voice-overs or building websites from scratch.

Some of my clients just need a new landing page for their website. Others need consulting on how to improve the conversion and click rates of their email marketing.

Finally, some of my clients get me to take over all of their content marketing efforts, because it’s just not their zone of genius.

As an entrepreneur, you’re juggling so many tasks at once. It can be hard to find time (and energy) to write truly amazing copy that really resonates with your ideal clients.

Your time is better spent on other things – like doing the things you actually love and are freakin’ good at!

I write with an authentic and credible voice that your customers can relate to. By getting inside their minds, I connect with them on a deep, emotional level that will drive them to take action! (It’s almost like magic! – except it’s science)

I am a linguist by heart, and I love living in and learning about different cultures. I have lived in many different places in the world – Australia, Argentina and Brazil to name a few.

Therefore, I also speak English, Spanish and Portuguese in addition to Danish (which is my mother tongue).

When I’m not sitting in front of the screen, I’m down at the local bar dancing salsa and other Latin American rhythms. Yep, that’s right– I live in beautiful Colombia right now.

Resumes are boring – but if you, for some reason, are interested in mine, you can find it on LinkedIn.

I’d love to connect, so please send me a request while you’re there! (Make sure to include a short message so I know who you are and how you found me)

You can also find me on Upwork – I work there quite a bit.

But enough about me, that’s not why you’re here anyway, is it? What about YOU?!

Are you interested in getting awesome copy for your biz that makes your clients drool over your landing pages (or whatever they’re reading from you)?

Tell me all about your biz, your vision and your dreams – right here.

And I’ll let you know if I am the right person to help you out. (If not, I’ll try to refer you to someone who definitely is)

I’m sooo looking forward to hearing from you!

With love,

Camilla Groen <3